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Mission, Vision & Goals

CRC’s Mission is to bring people together to find lasting and effective solutions to conflict.

CRC’s Vision is to be the primary community resource for creating opportunity from conflict, and where repairing harm is valued over punishment.

CRC services are based on a core belief that individuals of all ages and backgrounds are capable of resolving their own disputes – effectively, inexpensively, and peacefully – with assistance from trained volunteer mediators. CRC provides communities with the tools to peacefully and effectively resolve disputes.

CRC is dedicated to providing dispute resolution services and training to all people, especially those who cannot afford traditional services offered through the courts. We focus on serving those for whom traditional services have not worked in the past because they did not address underlying issues or were not culturally appropriate. Mediation used earlier in the dispute process can prevent the need for further intervention on the part of city departments, the police, or courts – thus saving valuable resources and tax dollars.

Our Core Values guide our operations and our work in the community:

  • We value self-determination and respect for all participants in conflict. We believe people have the inherent ability to come up with their own solutions.
  • We value being an organization that is by the community and for the community, relying heavily on volunteers and able to mirror the diversity of those at the table.
  • We value our volunteers.
  • We value creativity, ingenuity, innovation, being progressive and open to change.
  • We recognize that conflict is inherent and we value the process of resolution as well as the end result.
  • We believe addressing conflict makes our cities better places to live.
  • We value consensus, transparency, all voices being heard, face-to-face communication, respect for multiple perspectives, conversation, discussion, dialogue and listening.
  • We value addressing societal and interpersonal problems and providing fully accessible services, regardless of income.
  • We value accountability, quality and excellence in the services we provide and in the training and ongoing development of our volunteers.
  • We believe in education, modeling our values (e.g., how to “do” conflict), and the ability for anyone to learn skills to improve their lives.

Who We Are, What We Do
• CRC is committed to enhancing safety, stability, and civility within the communities it serves.
• CRC accepts requests from the individuals, community groups, schools and businesses for voluntary dispute resolution services including mediation, arbitration, large group facilitation, and conflict consulting. We accept court-mandated mediation services.
• CRC offers comprehensive training and consultation to individuals and organizations in many areas including: mediation, communication skills, dealing with difficult people, courageous conversations, conflict resolution.
• CRC works to broaden the reach and accessibility of mediation. CRC aims to reach underserved groups such as the elderly, immigrants and families who cannot afford the rising cost of traditional legal services.
• CRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We operate with a small office staff and a committed group of volunteers that provide all of our mediation services.