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Sometimes disagreements happen between people who are trying to co-parent children. This can apply to married parents, divorced parents or really any type of family circumstance. This topic  can include things like:

  • parenting time schedules, holidays, vacations, calendar management
  • financial issues about who pays for what
  • differences in discipline and parenting styles
  • school issues
  • medical issues
  • communication methods
  • and many other co-parenting topics

Note that CRC Minnesota does not currently provide divorce mediation, but we do provide services to help parents work out a way to co-parent their children after a separation or divorce, keeping the children’s best interests in mind.

Mediation is a guided process where parties come together to work out a solution and keep control over the outcome. Trained mediators provide a setting where reaching agreement is possible and all participants have the opportunity to voice their concerns.

The mediation process respects the rights of all involved. It is a confidential and voluntary process.

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