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Sometimes difficult disputes arise between landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, when problems occur, communication can break down and anger can build. Too often, it seems that the only solution for the landlord is eviction and the only solution for the tenant is to move away.

Courts have become congested with landlord/tenant disputes. This process is costly and lengthy for everyone involved and in the end, may not be the best way to resolve the problem.

But there is another way.  The CRC Mediation Program helps landlords and tenants work through the problems. You, rather than a judge, come up with a solution to resolve your issues.

Mediation is less costly and easier than courts. Sessions are held at a location and time convenient for you. If you are a landlord or tenant experiencing problems, call the Conflict Resolution Center first!

These types of issues involve your home, property and security. They disrupt your peace of mind on a daily basis. This can include things like:

  • disputes about repairs and maintenance
  • parking concerns
  • noise issues
  • payment issues, security deposits, lease issues
  • utility problems
  • tenant association issues
  • many other rental and living issues

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