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Mediation could be key to curbing school suspensions

March 30, 2015, Stephanie Dickrell, SC Times

Many adults may remember the high emotion, reactionary behavior and seemingly devastating consequences of various slights and drama from their middle school years.
Principal Jason Harris lives in this world every day at South Junior High School.
“What we see at this age with students is they don’t know how to communicate how they feel, so they act on impulse and it’s usually physical,” he said. Read full article.

Somali elders learn mediation to integrate community

March 28, 2015, Stephanie Dickrell, SC Times

Confidentiality. Quality of process. Impartiality. Conflict of interest. Competence.
Those were the words scribbled across the chalkboard in a St. Cloud State University classroom March 21.
Beside them:
I am a qualified mediator under rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rule of Practice.
In three chairs — one in the middle, two facing each other — sit a middle-aged Somali man playing a 20-something college student, a St. Cloud State communications professor playing an elderly neighbor and a Conflict Resolution Center director playing a mediator. Read full article.

Conflict Resolution on Minds of Somalis, Administrators

March 19, 2015 St. Cloud, MN

Even before students left Technical High School to protest racially charged incidents, conflict resolution was on the minds of school administrators and Somali elders.
The satellite office of the Conflict Resolution Center at St. Cloud State University helped create two pilot programs where local people are learning to resolve conflicts in new ways. One involves junior high students; another is tied to the court system. Read full article.

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits announces the
Recognizing Leading Organizations and Initiatives

Conflict Resolution Center is MCN’s Nonprofit 2014 Mission and Excellence Award for Innovation Winner.
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“What is a slur? Redskins case forces us to decide.”

Jun 21, 2014 – Jim McCarthy, a lawyer who followed the Redskins trademark case, said … ‘I think we care about offending certain people,’ said Karmit Bulman, …’We don’t care if we offend those who we see as irrelevant and invisible.’
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“Conflict Resolution Center opens satellite on campus”
from the SCSU University Chronicle
The Conflict and Resolution Office in Minneapolis announced that they would be reopening their doors with the installment of the new Conflict and Resolution Satellite Office on the SCSU campus. Read more here.

Listen to CRC executive director Karmit Bulman discuss how consensus based decision making can be used to address the Minnesota Orchestra labor dispute here.

Watch CBS/WCCO-TV Coverage of the Conflict Resolution Center’s Work Training Legislators and Introducing a Bill to Create a Statewide Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution here.

CRC Recognizes 2013 Volunteer of the Year
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January 2, 2013 Karmit Bulman on Minnesota Public Radio
Listen to Conflict Resolution Center Executive Director Karmit Bulman on The Daily Circuit on Minnesota Public Radio discussing the role of mediation in the meetings today of Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra musicians and management.

Women’s Press Article, March 2010

CRC Offers Free Mediation Training to Legislators, Governor’s Office and Commissioners
While we are grateful for the very hard work of our elected officials, as professional mediators we are disturbed by what appears to be a lack of collaboration and effective problem solving in our state and federal government. As a result The Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) is extending an offer to Minnesota legislators, the governor’s office, and all commissioners to take our Basic Mediation Training course at no charge. Click here to see our 2014 Training and Events Calendar. (link to CRC 2014Training and Events Calendar)

Both democracy and the free market are built on conflict and competition. Conflict and competition provide checks and balances in our political system and create ever-higher levels of innovation, efficiency, and productivity. However, conflict and competition can reach levels that are unproductive, levels at which relationships are damaged to the point that individuals cannot work together for the common good, levels at which low rather than high quality decisions are the result. Fortunately, the interest based negotiations approach that CRC teaches is an effective approach to solving public problems.

Please support this effort by calling your elected officials and encouraging them to take advantage of this offer. Legislators are particularly responsive to their constituents. To find your legislators go to For talking points and more information on this initiative contact Executive Director Karmit Bulman or call 612-822-9883.

CRC’s WCCO Podcast – 5/11/11
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