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Court Services

Pre-Filing Housing Court Mediation Project

Pre-Filing Mediation is provided in connection with the 4th Judicial District Housing Court (Hennepin County). Parties that are interested attempting Pre-Filing Mediation begin by contact the Housing Court to open a court file and then request mediation. Pre-Filing Mediation agreements are backed by the Housing Court. Parties can file for non-compliance on the mediated settlement if the other party does not meet the terms of agreement. For more information about the Court’s role in the mediation process, please contact the Housing Court at 612-348-5168.

Harassment and Housing Court

CRC volunteer mediators are regularly scheduled for court calendars in Hennepin County District Court and provide free, confidential mediation services to parties right in the courthouse. If you are appearing in court on either side of a harassment or housing case, the referee will talk with everyone in the courtroom at the beginning of the court session about mediation on the days our mediators are available. Not all harassment cases are appropriate for mediation and not all housing cases include issues that can be resolved in mediation, so even on days mediators are available, a particular case may not be referred to mediation. In-court mediation offers parties an opportunity to think outside the box of outcomes available through standard judicial orders and to create an agreement that meets all of their needs, instead of trying to make a pre-determined solution fit their unique situation. Housing mediations generally last between 15 and 30 minutes and harassment mediations generally last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Child Protection Mediation

In Ramsey and Carver Counties, mediation services are available to parties in child protection cases. CRC volunteers help parents, social workers, guardians ad litem, county staff and advocates have respectful, meaningful conversations about reunification, contingency planning, family placements and on-going communication. In conjunction with the Children’s Justice Initiative, CRC mediators are transforming the statistics in child protection cases, with the goal that every child is reunified with his or her parents in a safe, healthy home at the first possible opportunity. Mediations in child protection cases are called EPC Meetings and typically occur at the initial hearing, known as the Emergency Protective Care Hearing, in Ramsey County. Mediations occur as requested on a case by case basis in Carver County.

For more information, contact CRC at 612-822-9883.