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Our Facilitators:

Conflict Resolution Center’s trained facilitators are experienced in providing services to a variety of organizations and always tailor the facilitation to the organization’s particular needs.

Neighborhood Associations/Block Clubs:

Facilitation can be utilized to resolve disputes arising from problems or activities that impact many neighbors. Neighbors are invited to meet and discuss the issues. The facilitators help them look toward the future of the community through a process that supports effective communication and defines action steps to create change.

Boards of Directors/Strategic Planning:

Our trained facilitators can assist your organization or Board with strategic planning, defining goals, problem solving, conflict assessment, and team building.

Business/Community Facilitation:

Operating in the close quarters of city neighborhoods can open the door to disputes with neighbors concerning noise, hours of operation, parking, or problems with clientele/resident relationships. Community facilitations promote businesses as good neighbors, give all parties an opportunity to be heard, and preserve company/community relations.

Condo/Townhouse Associations/Co-Ops:

Association issues and disputes that arise from condominium/townhouse living can benefit from facilitation. Our facilitators work with the board to create and guide a process that can address issues for all concerned association members.
For more information, contact CRC at 612-822-9883.