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Law Enforcement

CRC offers services and programming for law enforcement in conflict management, conflict resolution and mediation.  CRC also offers services for police-community relations programs.  Beginning with a customized Program Assessment, CRC staff work closely with your team to craft your Action Plan, including the perfect combination of services from our menu to fit your team’s needs, goals and budget.

Police-Community Relations Services Include:

  • Mediation for civilian complaints
  • Juvenile Diversion Programming
  • Outreach Event Facilitation for Community Gatherings
  • Conflict Management Training for Community and Police participants

Other services available include:

  • Staff development training
  • Customized facilitated meetings including goals development and implementation planning
  • Cascading mediation sessions
  • Leadership team development
  • Open Space Facilitation
  • Appreciative Inquiry Summits
  • World Cafe Events

For more information, contact: or call 612-813-3202