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Conflict Resolution Center has two types of volunteers and many different volunteer opportunities, as well as internship possibilities.

Volunteer Mediators

We have a group of committed volunteers who provide all our mediation services. Each mediator has received 30 hours of general mediation skills training and meets the requirements for qualification under Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114 for qualified neutrals. Our mediators are also required to take 8 hours of continuing education per year to remain active as a mediator with CRC.

Our mediators come from a variety of social, educational, economic, cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. We believe our mediators should reflect the community we serve.

Mediators are neutrals. They do not side with a person, an issue, a proposed solution or declare an outcome as right or wrong, better or worse. As neutrals, mediators ask questions and guide people through the steps in the mediation process and help them write up their decisions and agreements.

Program Volunteers

CRC has a number of program volunteers. A program volunteer is not qualified to mediate cases for CRC or is not currently active as a CRC mediator. Program volunteers include former mediators, board members, and other people committed to CRC’s mission.

There is no special training required to volunteer as a CRC program volunteer. Program volunteers may work on select projects, coordinate fundraising efforts, write newsletter articles, or participate in outreach events.


We offer internship to college students pursuing areas of study related to mediation and dispute resolution. Other areas of study may be appropriate, depending on the focus of the projects involved. Internship opportunities may include learning about and providing mediation case management, assisting with volunteer coordination and recognition, promoting mediation through community outreach, and assisting the development and implementation of training for MMP volunteers.

Interns that have taken a CRC approved mediation skills training are eligible to mediate cases with staff supervision. Other learning opportunities are possible based on a student’s areas of interest. Students generally take internships for course credit and commit to a semester of involvement.

If you are interested in volunteering with CRC, please contact us at 612-822-9883.